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. >> man t manti te'o on a golf course. he hasn't talked about linnea kekua. he learned it was a hoax before the awards show. two-days later he was still talking her death. an unedited transcript of a sports illustrated interview he had a hard time answering simple questions such as how they met. they have identified her as diane o'meara a 23-year-old marketing coordinator from california. >> time for a look at who is talking. after a decade of lies and deceit. lance armstrong finally telling the truth. >> the disgraced cyclist going one-on-one with oprah winfrey admitting right off the bat he did use performance enhancing drugs. >> yes or no did you ever use banned substances to enhance your cycling performance. >> yes. >> yes or no was one of those banned substances epo? >> yes. >> did you ever blood dope or use blood transfusions to enhance your cycling performance? >> no. >> did you ever use any other banned substances testosterone, cortisone or human growth hormone? >> yes. >> in all 7 of your tour defrance victories did you ever take banned sub stans or blood dope? >> yes. >> in
. just when you thought the manti te'o story couldn't take another turn now the alleged mastermind of the hoax apparently disguised his voice so te'o thought he was talking to a girl on the phone. linnea, te'o and his family breaking their silence. te'o admits to lying after he found out about the truth because he didn't have the guts to admit he had been duped. we will talk to brian kilmeade more about this at the bottom of the hour. >> women will soon be able to serve on the on the front lines of the nation's wars. they will lift the military ban on women serving in cam bat. it will open more than 230,000 jobs in the army and marines. news of the move drawing mixed reaction. >> i broke down and had muscle atrophy and weight also at a much faster weight and noticeable weight than my male marines. >> i was ready for it and that was in the early 80s. >> the ban had been in place since 1994. >> a false alarm at university of virginia's campus. police lifted a lock down after a student confess to do lying about a gunman who was lose on campus. cops from the town the county and the sta
-ups are all making a lot of money. >> the man who pretended to be manti te'o's girlfriend speaks out. >> because after everything i have gone through i finally realized i had to move on with my life. >> he tells doctor phil the real reason that he topulled that disturbing prank. >> it is the last chance to answer the brew on this question of the day. who is the most annoying super bowl guest? a recent survey says it's the know it all at your party. e-mail us at >>> first let's check in with steve doocy on fox and friends. >> the most annoying guest is probably pry an kilmeade. >> he comes in and drinks all of the top shelf liquor and refills the bottle with water. >> good morning ladies. coming up on "fox & friends" what if your doctor was in a union? could they go on strike? senator thinks so. he is live. stewart barney will be talking about the lousy economic numbers. john stossel, michelle malkin and 6 dangerous ingredients in popular foods things like potato chips and salads. then begin the game with super duper party dishes. it all starts on fox news ch
on now manti te'o. what do you think about his future in the nfl? >> i think his future is very bright. i am looking at him analyzing him from a football standpoint. from a player standpoint, trust me what he is going through right now is minor in comparison to other players and their character coming into the national spotlight. i think manti te'o will be fine. i think teams will be doing a very good job of getting into his background understanding his psyche and mentality and what he is about as a football player and look at the tape to see what he does on the football field that separates him from the rest of them. from what i have even he's a first rounder by far. >> han honor. three time super bowl champ nfl hall of fame running back. thank you. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> really nice guy. coming up image this blocking the road on your way to work, the good, the bad and the ugly is up next. it's your last chance to weigh in on this brew on this question of the day. is the job market so bad that being over qualified for your job is the new normal? you can tweet your answers to
we believe in any more? first manti te'o's girlfriend. she doesn't exist. lance armstrong, he cheated. now i can't believe in beyonce because she lip synced the national anthem. i don't know what to do with smief. maybe i will just hunt for big foot all coming up on "fox & friends." >> good morning. a florida mom is taking security into her own hands. she is paying 12,000 dollars to have an armed guard at the elementary school. it is the only school in the ditz strike without a security officer on staff. an oklahoma state lawmaker wants to give employers the right to fire smokers. david holt is trying to repeal a current law that protects snoekers from discrimination. it costs companies more money so employers should be able to choose whether or not to offer them medical coverage. >> ainsley what's going on over there. >> plus the question we all ask ourselves from time to time, are you normal or nuts? dr. keith ablow is here to answer our e-mails for us. good morning. >> good morning. >> i love the first one. said my girlfriend and i argued during a walk. she stepped on an unseen sur
shocking twist to tell you about in the manti te'o hoax. a new report says the cousin of the alleged hoax ster is really the one behind the voice mails left on the football star's home. >> i am just calling to say good night. i love you. i know you are with the boys. i will talk to you tomorrow. i love you so much. >> te'o releasing the voice mails in an interview with katie couric. he spent hours on the phone with the person he thought was his girlfriend. the person was a cousin who was really behind the calls tuiasosopo. it was his client pretending to be a woman the whole time. >> salt lake city international airport back hope after a scary landing in an airlines plane freezing rain causing it to slide on the runway shutting down the airport actually for about 3 hours. >>> as we were pulling in it felt like the whole plane was kind of going sideways on the tarmac. it was a very uncomfortable feeling. >> after the plane came to a stop trucks stood out in front of it so it could reach the gate. none of the passengers on board were hurt. >>> in ue saw that's not the only state getting a r
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)